Our Portfolio

/ Welcome to our portfolio page, where we showcase our expertise in creating modern, sleek websites using the powerful combination of Next.js and Figma. As a web design company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional digital experiences that captivate users and elevate brands to new heights.

Gestion Activa is a company that provides financial and legal services services. A website was comissioned as an upgrade to the old wordpress site.

/ Gestion Activa Project

Gestion Activa Project

Gindumac is a company that provides services for the sale and purchase of used industrial equipment. We have created a dashboard for sellers to manage their products.

/ Gindumac Project

Gindumac Project

Storc is a mobile app built for gynecologists and obstetrician that allows them to track their patients, with a complementary web platform.

/ Storc Project

Storc Project

Marta is a Polish business professional who offers business strategy, coaching, and help. Her website focuses on showcasing her skills in this area.

/ Marta Project

Marta Project

Dr. Iliev is a gynecologist based in Barcelona, Spain. We built a website for him to draw in more clients.

/ Dr. Iliev Project

Dr. Iliev Project

Grapeviners was a project focused on providing social metrics for NFT projects. This project has since been discontinued.

/ Grapeviners Project

Grapeviners Project