/ Storc

An app for gynaecologists and obstetricians to track, manage, and facilitate patient care.


Mobile Design

Storc Laptop Dashboard
  • Built with full functionality for doctors to manage their patients and track upcoming deliveries.
  • Styled to suit medical theme and using appropriate colours.
  • Integrated subscriptions from the App Store and Google Play, as well as to an online firebase.

Web Design

Storc Laptop Dashboard
  • Integrated to the same database as the mobile application, with real time updates.
  • Added data visualisation for doctors to see statistics and graphs relative to their patients.
  • Able to export data into .csv format so that the data can then be used in other applications (i.e. Excel).

This project began as a compelling idea to create an app tailored explicitly for gynaecologists and obstetricians, revolutionising how they track, manage, and facilitate patient care. Recognising the scarcity of suitable software solutions in this domain, our team at CalypsoTech, a dynamic and innovative company founded by industry experts, embarked on a mission to develop a cutting-edge cross-platform application using React-Native. Leveraging our extensive expertise in JavaScript and React, we aimed to provide seamless functionality on iOS and Android devices. A primary focus of our development strategy was to ensure the secure storage and accessibility of user data. To achieve this, we strategically chose Firebase as our cloud storage solution. Firebase offered robust capabilities for storing and synchronising data and provided a highly accessible and user-friendly interface. This choice empowered our clients to access their data from any location and enjoy the convenience of automatic backups. Our unwavering commitment to delivering a user-centric experience fueled our drive to create an app that was intuitive and easy to navigate. Recognising that professionals in the medical field value efficiency, we made deliberate design choices that prioritised usability and minimised the learning curve. Furthermore, our forward-thinking approach led us to extend the app's reach beyond mobile devices. Building upon the foundation of our successful React-Native version, we created a Next.js version optimised for desktop usage and hosted it on a dedicated domain. The outcome of our collaborative efforts was an exceptional app that received widespread acclaim from its target audience. The positive feedback we received validated our meticulous attention to detail and our dedication to providing a valuable solution. Throughout this project, we embraced a culture of actively listening to user feedback, as we understood that niche and specialised products necessitate adapting design choices to suit the unique requirements of our users. In addition to the technical achievements, this project provided invaluable lessons in effective time management. Juggling this endeavour alongside other commitments, we honed our prioritisation and resource allocation skills, ensuring that the project progressed smoothly without compromising on quality. As a result of the collective expertise and collaborative efforts of the CalypsoTech team, we are proud to showcase our role as the contracted developers behind this groundbreaking app.