/ Gestión Activa

Gestión Activa is a Barcelona based law and accounting firm.


Landing Page

gestion activa landing page
  • Responsive, fully animated design
  • Focused on integration with the companies existing branding (e.g. logo)

Mobile First Design

landing page mobile 1

Landing page (navigation closed)

landing page mobile 2

Landing page (navigation open)

  • Design centered on making the end result as attractive on mobile as it is on desktop, to make sure it is appealing no matter the screen size of the device

Process Automation

gestion activa notices page
  • Integration of API, fetching Spanish law related news, which would previously have to be linked manually by staff
  • Automatically generated on the server to then be styled programmatically on the end client's device

Local law and accounting firm reached out to us, seeking to enhance their website's SEO. Their existing WordPress site was sluggish, heavy, and performed poorly in search engines. They desired a modern, user-friendly website built with contemporary frameworks to maximize SEO potential. Additionally, they wanted the website to serve as a point of contact for their clients. CalypsoTech was entrusted with developing the website, as well as assisting with logo design and branding. We developed the project using React and Next.js. This was my second exposure to Next.js API routes, which proved invaluable in creating a contact form for the website. Additionally, it was my first time utilizing Next.js proprietary features such as `getServerSideProps` and `getStaticProps` to fetch data from a news API endpoint that they wanted to integrate. Apart from the technical challenges, the rest of the website development was relatively straightforward. Leveraging reusable components from previous projects, we were able to streamline the process, considering the static and simple structure of the website. Close collaboration with the client was necessary to ensure the design aligned with their vision and maintained consistency with their established brand identity. The end result was a refreshed, high-performing, and SEO-optimized website that resonated with the client. We were thrilled with the outcome and grateful for the opportunity to work with them. It was a rewarding experience for our team at CalypsoTech.