/ Grapeviners

Grapeviners is a social media sentiment analysis tool to track the sentiment around NFT's


Landing Page

Grapeviners Landing Page
  • Responsive, fully animated website.
  • With dynamic content and light and dark modes.

Data Visualisation

Grapeviners Landing Page
  • Project featured a ranking system in order for users to see how well projects were performing relative to others
  • There were general rankings as well as those that split the projects into their respective categories (art, gaming etc.)
Grapeviners Landing Page
  • Each project contained statistics and graphs showing the metrics most relevant to the end user in the timespan they wanted
  • The data was fetched from API's for each of the relevant social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter etc.)

As CalypsoTech, we embarked on our very first project and startup idea, despite having limited prior experience in web development beyond basic HTML, CSS, and some Javascript knowledge. The concept originated from the meme stock craze of 2021, where stocks unrelated to the market gained popularity on social media. We saw potential in applying this concept to NFTs, aiming to track NFT popularity on social media and provide a quantitative measure of social performance. Additionally, we envisioned the website as an educational tool for newcomers to the NFT world, offering insights into the NFT ecosystem, project evaluations, and guidance on purchasing and navigating different NFT marketplaces. Entering the real-world application of our programming skills, we faced the challenge of fetching real-time data from social media APIs like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and processing them effectively. To assess the overall sentiment of NFTs based on social media activity, we trained an AI sentiment analysis library using our own dataset. This process proved to be a demanding learning experience, requiring us to acquire a wealth of new knowledge. After months of dedicated work, we finally achieved a working prototype of the ranking algorithm. Collaborating with a colleague, we divided our tasks as I focused on the back-end development while they designed and built the majority of the front end of the website. They also developed data visualisation tools using Vanilla JS, PHP, and CSS. The success of this project would not have been possible without their invaluable contributions and the support of two fantastic advisors who provided financial assistance and extended their network. Unfortunately, our project disbanded a few months after its release due to the nascent state of the NFT market and the prevalent existence of scams. Gaining trust and establishing our presence in such a challenging environment proved to be a formidable task. Nevertheless, we take great pride in the work we accomplished and remain grateful to those who made it all possible. The website is safely preserved, with the possibility of resurfacing in the future when the market matures.