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Beauty, functionality, and performance in one (small) package.

Are you looking to build an mobile app MVP for your startup? We've got you covered. We build mobile apps for iOS & Android from a single performant codebase so that you can reach your customers on both platforms, for the same price.

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Custom Mobile App Development

Crafting Seamless Mobile Experiences for iOS and Android

Discovery & Roadmap

Planning and Structuring Your Mobile App

Thorough Business Analysis

Understanding Your Unique Business Needs and Objectives

Strategic Roadmap Creation

Creating a Clear Roadmap for Your Project's Success

User-Centric Design Excellence

Designing for Exceptional User Experiences on iOS and Android

Agile Development Approach

Iterative Development for Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

Cross-Platform Development

Building for Both iOS and Android to Maximize Cost Efficiency

Scalability & Security Assurance

Ensuring Long-Term Viability with Scalability and Security at the Core

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Key Features

Cross-Platform DevelopmentWe specialize in cross-platform development, ensuring your mobile app runs smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. This approach maximizes cost-effectiveness and widens your reach.
API IntegrationOur mobile apps are designed to easily integrate with various APIs, enhancing functionality and providing limitless possibilities for your project. Seamlessly connect with third-party services for added value.
Intuitive User InterfacesWe prioritize intuitive user interfaces, ensuring your mobile app is easy to navigate and delivers a delightful user experience on both iOS and Android platforms. Keep your users engaged and satisfied.

- " The Storc patient management app has transformed the way I run my gynecology practice. It has made my daily tasks more efficient, improved patient care, and enhanced the overall patient experience. I cannot thank the CalypsoTech team enough for developing this innovative solution that has truly revolutionized my practice."

Dr. Iliev

Dr. Iliev

PhD, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology

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